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The site for experienced advice and help in searching for United Kingdom houses and flats.

We are a bespoke agency specifically acting for the buyer in Nigeria and focused on finding United Kingdom property, be it a second home or an investment property.
Being totally client focused, we have provided a five star service to many happy clients.

UK Properties was established to cater for the needs of Nigeria buyers looking to find a property in United Kingdom. All necessary arrangements will be made within your comfort zone, while we do all the leg work for you. There is a boom in British house prices because a lot of buyers are taking advantage of the Bank of England lowest ever interest rate.
So don't delay any further.

Flat Search
About half our searches are for flats in central London.
Having dealt with alot of transactions we have vast experience of dealing with the vagaries of freehold/leasehold properties in London and UK as a whole.
The system of buying a flat in London is steeped in history and etiquette.
When you buy a flat which is leasehold you are in fact buying the right to use the property for the amount of time on the lease. You're not actually buying the building, just the apartment as specified in the lease.
This is the norm in London and nothing to worry about as long as you have good guidance and advice.

House Search:
The remainder of our searches are for houses. Generally when you buy a house you will be buying the freehold title to it but there are still a few leasehold houses, so, again good advice and guidance are paramount. Most people who use us do so because they find UK Properties very helpful, professional and save time.

It can take up to three months to properly research and view properties, and that is after you have decided on the ideal area. We can save you this time.
During registration we will assess in detail the type of property and all relevant requirements to give us the best opportunity of finding the ideal property.

Want to get the best price:
We have been involved with UK Properties for over twenty years. This gives us a wonderful insight into all aspects of negotiation. As professional negotiators working solely for you, you are giving yourself the best chance of negotiating the best price and terms possible.
We have found and successfully negotiated on many different types of property.

Don't know the different areas
London alone is made up of 32 Boroughs and where you buy will make an enormous difference to price, quality of life, and chances of letting and ultimately increase in capital value of the property you buy.
Other considerations include which postcode you buy in. One letter or number can make an enormous difference.
SW1 Belgravia and parts of Knightsbridge or SW2 Brixton and parts of Tulse Hill. The difference in monetary terms is in the region of 500,000 per bedroom.
Even the side of the road can make a difference to price. UK Properties will guide you through the labyrinth.

Have never bought in London before:
The system of buying a property is steeped in history, etiquette and "doing things at the right time".
The system of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another has evolved over many hundreds of years. With our experience you can rest assured that you will know exactly when things have to be done in order to secure your ideal property.

Want anonymity
It may be that, for your own reasons, you want to buy a property in London without everyone knowing.
All dealings with you are in the strictest confidence.
Again, our loyalty lies with you, our client, and not with any other third party.

Property finder in London:
We act as your real estate agent in London.
Complete our questionnaire and we shall get back to you to discuss your requirements.